Working in Washington, DC

All I needed to know about working in DC,

I learned on a leadership conference in 2003. On the last day, we students were bussed to Lafayette Square to view the White House in all of its majesty. My picture taking, however, was interrupted by the increasing volume of a fellow high schooler in my cohort whom I knew…

Experiencing anxiety? Me too, all of the time. I’m thirty-four years old, and I’ve had bad anxiety since middle school. But in our 2020 world, everyone I know is getting a dose or two (or ten).

Anxiety is one of those tricky states. It’s not quite an emotion, but it…

Weird Habits I still give a shit about.

Ok to start, I have had weird dreams. A lot of weird dreams throughout the pa**emic. I lived days I never imagined, and I dissociated while staring at various glowing rectangles. I zoomed, I swiped, I masked.

And now, I’ve started noticing the weird habits I created to handle the…

It should really be scared of you.

I answered my phone to a quiet and nervous friend.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

The answer, “Well… I’ve been struggling.”

My friend admitted to having crying episodes several days of the week for months. She was freaked out and didn’t want to tell anybody. She didn’t want to know what it meant.

“This has never happened,” she told me…

Kelly C Flanagan

Kelly Flanagan is a memoirist in Washington, DC. She has an MA in International Relations from Johns Hopkins & is concluding an MFA at University of Baltimore.

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